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Reach vs Page Views: Facebook Insights


It is the unique number of people visiting your site, if one person visited twice it will be counted as one.

Types of Reach :

Post reach

It is a page reach metrics. It is the number of unique individuals who have just not reached your page but have gone through one or more posts on your page.

For instance, If one person sees ten of your posts it will be counted as one.

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How to use Facebook Insight?

Facebook Insights

In this section, we will try to understand what is Facebook insight and how does it function?

To begin with, Facebook insight is just like Google Analytics which provides you with the data to understand how well your page is performing or in other words how well the marketing campaign is working for you. But, the tricky part here is to understand the meaning of terms associated with Facebook insights. Once, you have a clear understanding of what each term stands for it would be much simpler to analyze the data generated on your page.

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