Common misconceptions about PPC Marketing

In the previous post, I have discussed in brief what PPC marketing is and how does it function.

You can refer to the previous article at Guide for better understanding of PPC

And, In this post, I would address some of the common misconceptions about the PPC.

Google is the only medium for PPC Marketing

Though without any qualms Google is the number one search engine in today’s time. However, it is not the only search engine.

In case, your targeted audience is present on other mediums as well, it’s totally up to you to decide which medium you want to opt for.

PPC Marketing is highly expensive

Contrary to this, PPC is the medium wherein you can decide how much you would like to spend for running an ad per day.

PPC Marketing cannot show the results

PPC Marketing is the most result-oriented method.

Say, If in addition to placing your AD correctly you have also taken care of the quality of the website then you can see the results in a few minutes of publishing the ad, unlike traditional media methods.

Higher the Bid, higher the Ad placement

Google takes its reliability very seriously, So it is very important for Google to show the right content to its consumers to keep it ahead of everyone.

It does not matter how high you bid, if you rank lower on quality score Google will not show your ad.

Higher the AD rank, higher the chance for it to get clicked

This is where we get the rankings completely wrong, contrary to this belief many studies have shown that the ads placed between second to the middle spot have higher chances to get clicked.

PPC Marketing can be done by anyone

Although it looks easy on the surface, PPC is not as simple as it seems to be if you are completely naïve of what it is, it is better to hire someone internally who can handle it professionally and can give you the requisite inputs based on data gathered from the Ads.


All these misconceptions hamper the approach of new marketers in the way they address PPC marketing.

So, It is very important to understand that in any marketing strategy there would be a fair share of competition, it is up to us how to utilize that option.

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