Reach vs Page Views: Facebook Insights


It is the unique number of people visiting your site, if one person visited twice it will be counted as one.

Types of Reach :

Post reach

It is a page reach metrics. It is the number of unique individuals who have just not reached your page but have gone through one or more posts on your page.

For instance, If one person sees ten of your posts it will be counted as one.

Organic reach

It refers to the traffic coming directly to your website, it is a non-paid metric. People came across your post because either they follow you or someone in their friend list has shared your content and it appeared on their wall because of the Facebook algorithm.

Paid reach

Paid reach is the one that you get when you decide to pay for the post, it can be done through the boost your option available on Facebook or you can create an AD through FB ad manager.

Please note that non-post ads, like sidebar ads and app ads do not have paid reach as metrics.

Facebook metrics are such that it will give you plus one reach if the person has an opportunity to see your post but it does not ensure that they are interested in it that’s why engagement metrics are important.

Here, please note that adding paid reach and organic reach will not give you a page reach measure.

For example, suppose one person sees your Facebook post A through paid reach, post B through organic reach, click through your page, scroll through your posts it will give you plus one paid reach, one organic reach and one page reach not two-page reach. And a person who has only seen your ad will be counted as one reach and zero page view.

Page View

It is a simple metric, it is the unique number of people who viewed your page itself. Facebook uses some tracking tools probably in terms of IP Addresses or cookies to keep a track of people who visited the page within a given time frame.

For instance, if some person visits your page multiple times in the same week even if he is logged out, it will still be counted as a one-page view.

It is one of few metrics which keep a record of people who have visited your website even when they are logged out.

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