How to use Facebook Insight?

Facebook Insights

In this section, we will try to understand what is Facebook insight and how does it function?

To begin with, Facebook insight is just like Google Analytics which provides you with the data to understand how well your page is performing or in other words how well the marketing campaign is working for you. But, the tricky part here is to understand the meaning of terms associated with Facebook insights. Once, you have a clear understanding of what each term stands for it would be much simpler to analyze the data generated on your page.

Here is the quick overview of what FB insight looks like.

I am going to discuss each one of them one by one. So, let’s begin –


The overview is basically how your page is doing. It is further divided into 3 main sections.

  • Page Summary
  • Latest 5 posts
  • Pages to watch

Page summary consists of reports for the key metrics of your page like reach, page likes, action, and engagement for the last 7 days.

If you want to measure the growth of the page you can quickly access this via looking at page likes and page reach. Please note there Page Reach and Page View that I have covered in my other topic. The link to which you can find at

 Reach Vs. Page View: Facebook Insight

Lasts 5 posts: Provides you an insight on how your posts are doing, are they engaging enough for your targeted audience. This section is best to see what kind of posts are doing well for you.

Pages to watch: This section gives you the tool to watch 5 of the other pages whom you want to analyze. It provides you with information on what post is most performing in the last 7 days. Looking at this data can help you to keep in touch with what is trending in your field.


This section basically tells you where your page likes came from.

This section does not only give you an insight into how many likes do you have but also tells you about your page growth, retention rate.

It has three sections

  • Page Likes
  • Net Likes
  • From where your likes are coming from

Page likes: It gives you an idea of how many likes does the page has as of today.

Net likes: It is the net number of new people who have liked your page minus who have unlike it.

From where these likes are coming from: Likes directly from your page, the ads that you posted.


What is your reach and the factors affecting it?

Reach is the unique number of people who visited your site.

This section contains the following metrics.

  • Post reach
  • Reactions, comments, and shares
  • Reactions
  • Hide, report as spam, unlike
  • Total reach

Post reach: It is the number of people looked at your post

Reaction: It is the number of people like or in other ways reacted to your post

Hide/report follows: These are the negative feedbacks that should be kept either zero or low. These metrics tell fob not to show the content which they hide.

Total reach: is the number of people who have seen any activity from your page like a page post, ads, and content posted on your page, mentions, check-ins.

Page Views

Who viewed which section of your posts?

It is bifurcated into

  •      Total Views
  •      Total People who Viewed
  •      Top Sources

 Total views: It is the number of times people visited your page, if the same person has seen your page twice it will be counted as two.

 Total people who viewed: Is the number of people who have viewed your Page. In this case, if the same person has visited your Page twice, it’ll be considered only as one. This figure should be equal to or less than your total views.

Top sources: This means the top sources that have generated the traffic to your website.

Actions on the page

This means what people did on your page.

  • People who clicked on the website
  • People clicked on getting direction
  • Click on phone

Analyzing this, against your goals can give you insight into how well your campaign is doing.


This section tells you about the reach and engagement of your audience.

It has the following sections:

  • When your fans are online
  • Post type
  • Top posts from the pages you watch

Post type: It tells you about how each type of post (like image, video, multimedia, etc.) has done in terms of reach and engagement.

Top posts from the pages you watch: Provides you with the top post from each of the pages you follow and their reach and engagement. And, also tell you about your all posts published, which gives you the data about the posts you published on your page with info like the date it is published, time, post type, reach and engagement it has received.


It gives you insights into how well your event page is doing.

From this, you get the data about the demographics of people interested in your events, how many people saw your event page, how many responded to it and how many brought the tickets for it.

It has two sections

  • Event stats (awareness/engagement/tickets/audience)
  • Upcoming     

Event Stats :

  • In the awareness section, you can see how many people does the event reached and how many views the event.
  • Engagement: Can tell you how many are interested.
  • Tickets: Tells you how many brought tickets.
  • Audience: Covers the age bracket, gender.


It tells you about the video performance of your page. The number of video views is split into:

  • Organic/paid
  • Clicked/autoplay
  • Repeat/unique

It has the following Sections:

  • Video Views
  • 10-Second Views
  • Top Videos

Video View: Tells you the number of times your video was viewed. Please note Facebook considers as 3 sec or more as a video view.

10-sec videos: Number of times video is played for 10 sec or more. If a video is played less than 10-sec facebook consider it as 97 percent of video viewing. This section is important to know the engagement.

Top videos: It gives you insight into the type of content that has performed well for your page. Clicking on the title of the video will give you more insight.


A simple overview of people who liked and reached your page.

It has the following sections     

  • Your fans
  • People reached/engaged

Your fan section is broken down by gender, age, location and language, which helps to study the demographics of the audience interested in your page.

People reached are the people who saw your posts in the past 28 days while people engaged are the people who liked, commented on, or shared any of your posts or engaged with your Page (e.g. messaged) in the past 28 days.

People who saw or engaged with your posts are not necessarily only your fans.


It shows the performance metric of your interactions with people on messenger.

Here is what each metric means:

Total amount of conversations: Shows you the total number of conversations between you and people on-page.

Responsiveness: Your average time to respond back and the percentage of time you have reverted back.

The blocked conversation: That is the number of times you have blocked a conversation from your page

And, Marked as spam i.e. the number of conversations that have been marked as spam by your page.

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