Content categories for successful Social Media Campaign.

What is a Content?

A content is a piece of information that can be generated, shared for educating people about any particular thing.

Now how this content has influenced the social media?

Today everything is on social media. A good content has the power to engage your audience and also to create an affinity for your brand. Even if they are completely unaware of you a good content will leave its footprint in their minds. Gone are the days when the content writing is done only to improve your search engine results, content is almost everything now.

What are the different categories of content?

On Social Media platform content can be categorized into

  1. Educational
  2. Connection Content
  3. Entertaining
  4. Promotional
  5. Inspirational
  6. Communication
  7. User Generated

Let’s discuss each one of them one by one

1. Entertainment

This type of content can be further bifurcated into memes, jokes, quizzes, puzzles, throw back, contests, freebies, and comics.

People love to get entertain and when they are entertained chances of their engagement goes very high.

2. Educational

  1. Internet is the major source of information nowadays and with people spending their majority of the time on social media it provides you a very big platform to connect with your targeted audience via taping their interest and showing the content which they might find useful. Most of the watched and shared content on social media fall under the category which can add value to the user experience.

Educational content can be practical hacks, informative videos/posts, blog, DIY projects, live video training, and free resources.

3. Inspirational

People hooked to content easily that can inspire them towards something, it can form a bond with them and they can feel close to the heart.

Inspirational content can be shared in form of quotes, real life facts videos/stories, images.

4. Promotional

This type of content is done mainly to create awareness about your product. sharing this kind of content can be tricky as bombarding your audience with unnecessary amount of the promotional content chances are very high that you can set them off, time gap between sharing the promotional content you should always keep in a check. Promotional content can be shared via Special offerings, freebies, client testimonials, discounts.

5. Interactive

Interactive content has the magical power to pull up the audience can keep them hooked as this kind of content provide more of the human touch and bring it to life. This type of content can be curated by using simple language which people can understand easily. Conversations can be encouraged in the form of questions, polls, fill in the blanks, ask for advice, caption this photo etc. It is not necessary that your content should strictly be a conversational content, you can initiate a conversation through an educational or entertaining content also by making an audience a part of it like asking for their inputs or thoughts etc

6. Connection Content

If you can relate to your target audience, chances are high that they will see you as a dependable brand. Now, how relatable content can be generated. For this, you can try the activities like product preview for followers, behind the scenes, thanking posts/videos for fans, share your favorite cause, asking for their opinions.

7. User Generated

User generated content refers to the any unpaid content that is created by your user.It is a major marketing trend now, consumers feel involved and important. Many companies focus on this category to gain the attention span of their consumers.

It can be achieved by asking them to share their photos/videos with your brand.


In order to delight your fans and in order to attract new ones it is very important that you pay attention to what you are posting and most importantly remain human in your content.

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