What are the channels of Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Channels

Let us first try to understand what does social media marketing stands for:

In layman’s term it is the promotion of your product or services through the online mediums. Now what are these online channels?

These can be








Quora or any other medium

This list is growing rapidly and the channels are always evolving and adding new features. It has become almost unavoidable to not to be on social media, but it can be overwhelming when it comes to pick up the right platform for your business. In the lieu of not missing out on the advantage of spreading the brand awareness chances are very high that you might end up on doing more than what is required.

In order to help you to take an informed decision, this post will guide you to some major social media platforms present and their advantages.

So, here are the 6 major types of Social Media channels:

1) Networking Sites

The most common type of social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All of these platforms have a very wide reach and are known as networking platforms as they allow the users to have an interaction with each other.

People connect with each other over these sites and encourage knowledge sharing, one to one communication.

So how it can help your business?

  • Targeted Reach: These sites cater to a wide range of audience, depending on the characteristics of your audience you can choose the medium which suits you the best. Like a company with mainly young consumers can go for an Facebook instead of LinkedIn as it has a better reach to that segment.Similarly, companies looking for professional reach can promote themselves on LinkedIn. Furthermore, various in build analytical tools are also present in these sites which can help to further funnel down your audience.
  • Engagement: As the good content can very easily go viral on these platforms, it can help you to engage with your consumers more on an individual level.
  • Research: Social media tools provides a platform to analyze your consumer behavior.

2) Image sharing

Sites like Snap chat, Instagram, Pinterest revolve around sharing visually appealing content and has quite a wide reach among the young population. You can use these sites to:

  • Create Inspiration: By curating content around the shared interest you can engage and inspire the users.
  • Encourage user participation: Consumers can be encouraged to generate the user based content on these sites. You can encourage them to have an image clicked with your product and tag it on social media.

3) Video hosting

Video hosting platforms like You Tube, Vimeo helps its users to develop some phenomenal content. You can these platform to:

  • To share knowledge and entertain: Now anyone can learn almost anything on you tube, sharing knowledgeable and entertaining content can hook users to you in the long run.
  • Engage users: Comments section in the You tube provides a plenty of opportunity to know about your users.

4) Discussion Sites

Sites like Quora and Reddit are designed to initiate a conversation. Anybody can ask or answer the question and they encourage one to one conversations. These sites can be very helpful to create a brand presence. Some of the key advantages of using these platforms are:

  • Research: Reddit is a home to various communities, endless conversation and a real human touch. With a bit of research you can easily find what your consumers are looking for.
  • Drive traffic: Answering queries on Quora can help you establish as an authority of your area and can lead to more traffic on your website.

5) Reviewing Sites

Reviewing sites like Tripadvisor and Yelp have reviews from all across the globe. Analyzing these site can help you to:

  • Enhance customer experience: Listening and solving your consumer problems can help you to gain their trust and loyalty.
  • Understand customer view: Reviews on these sites are based on real life experiences, paying attention to these reviews can help you to look from the perspective of your customers.

Social Media can come in many forms. In one way or other, you can use all of them to your disposal. The only thing is be clear of what you want to achieve from the platform you are using, how are you going to use that platform and do have required expertise for the one you choose.

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