Why Digital Marketing is so important?

Digitization is the new success mantra for businesses in this century, with almost 80% of the world’s population online it becomes inevitable for them to not have an internet presence, after all who would give a miss to such a large group of audience.

Moreover, digital marketing is not just about sales, it is much more than that. It is actually an “umbrella” hanging above all of your customer interactions. Customers who used to go by word of mouth for any product earlier, now prefers to do a thorough research on the internet about it by reading it’s reviews, comparing costs, features etc. Not only this research gives an insight to consumers about the product but also helps the marketers to understand the needs of their consumers in depth.

It has become imperative for them to build on digital marketing capabilities in order to thrive in this competitive environment.

So, let me begin by introducing what are the different facets of digital marketing?

There are various ways of online channels that companies use to reach it’s targeted audience, like :

1)            Websites

2)            SEO

3)            SMM

4)            Content – Videos, Articles, Blogs etc

5)            Mobile Applications

6)            E -commerce

7)            And many more

But remember most importantly, Digital marketing is not only about merely adding online channels to your media mix; it is about integrating digital into all facets of marketing.

Essential benefits of digital marketing

What is the importance of all these digital marketing efforts? What can they do for your organization? Why do you want/need them? Here are the few key reasons :

1) Reach

If your organization doesn’t exist on the internet in 2020, it may as well not exist. An organization without a web presence is an organization that is missing on almost 99% of its consumers.

Internet is a medium that provides an easy accessibility of your business to the consumers, a significant number of consumers rely on the internet to shop. In research conducted by Periscope by McKinsey, the findings revealed that at least 70 percent of the respondents are undertaking some form of online shopping activity.

2) Branding

It has been a crucial part of marketing since at least the 1950s, but the art has changed a great deal since those days.

In today’s landscape brands are actually build in digital world. From your website, to your social media page, blog everything provides an opportunity for you to deliver your brand message to the consumers, it gives you a means to develop and hone your voice in the longer run. And, gives you a platform to showcase what your brand stands for which helps in connecting with the consumers emotionally.

3) Build Communities

Now days most companies focus on building networks that are essential for building their business like fellow professionals, clients, partners, vendors, consultants, middle-men, etc.

For example, you may have your LinkedIn circle where you share information and build connections with people in your industry which can lead to unexpected partnerships or opportunities that might not have come your way otherwise. Such is the beauty and power of digital marketing.

4) Data Tracking

One of the best things about digital marketing is it leaves footprints for you. These are so many analytical tools available that instantly helps you to track things like who is viewing what on your site, how many people land on your website clicking through a specific content, or which promotional campaign got the best result. Tracking your customer’s behaviors towards your products or services will help you integrate your approach striking out the redundant steps.

5) Connect

Internet is one such platform which gives you the opportunity to connect with your consumers in a real -time world, which has generated the endless possibilities in terms of developing personalized promotional and retention strategies.

6) Measurable Results

In traditional marketing campaigns it is quite difficult to calculate the return on investment as there are various factors which can affect the conversion, while in case of digital marketing campaigns can be measured in terms of cost per click, leads generated through a particular campaign or the company getting how many likes/subscribers through a particular online campaign etc.

Thus, not only helps you to keep the track of money spend on a particular campaign but also gives you the better insight to modify the particular campaign to attain the desired results.

7) Retention

Online marketing gives you a platform to develop a more personal relationship with your customers. Conversations can happen with them at anytime and throughout the year via offering them personalized discounts, offers, etc. Also, Social listening tools can help you to track, and improve your brand mentions online and thus improving the overall customer experience.


Digital marketing is a continuously evolving field. Herein, I have just mentioned the few benefits of digital marketing. In what other ways do you think it can help the business?

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